Website Hosting & Design

Why choose us?

Although we are specialized in eBooks, we can host and design almost any website you can imagine. From shopping carts to law firms. Don’t just get any web designer or any web hosting. Get the author’s hosting and design pack.

Webhosting Features

We host our customers on blazing fast SSD lightspeed servers to insure maximum speed for your website. We also use the latest security rules and we offer free Cloudflare for all our customers. Our servers are hosted in the USA and Canada to insure max. speed.

Domain Name Features

We apply free HIDDEN WHOIS for every domain name registered with us. This means your information will not be posted to the public. Unlike other hosting providers who will charge you extra just for this feature.


If you can’t find the answer to your question on this section, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer all your questions ASAP.

Do you host and design only ebook sites?

Nope! We hosted and designed almost every type of site you can imagine. Schools, law firms, CPA, shopping carts, online stores, blogs name it! Just contact us and we will build something special that fits your needs.

How many gbs of monthly traffic are allocated to my website?

500 Gigabytes of monthly traffic is allocated to your website. If you need more you can add traffic at a flat rate of $10/year for each additional 1GB of monthly traffic.

How many GBs of space are allocated to my website?

10 Gigabytes are allocated to your website under the annual plan by default. If you need more space, you can add increments of extra space for $30 per GB per year.

How secure is my website? Do I need to know anything about security?

Your website is 100% secure using the help of the latest technology of malware scanning and A.I advanced firewalls. We keep all your website scripts including WordPress and it’s plugins up to date.

What happens if I need to update the contents of my website after a while of publishing?

We give you detailed step by step tutorials of how to update your official website at any time. Alternatively, if you don’t want to do it yourself, our 24X7 customer service crew will be more than happy to update your website frequently at a flat rate of $25 per 15 minutes worth of work. In 15 minutes we can update the text content of 5 pages or add a new special offer to your website or publish a new page for you .. etc!

I already have a website somewhere else, can I transfer it to ECoverMe?

Sure! We will transfer you website to our servers for free, and will migrate your existing contents to the latest WordPress for a reasonable fee and will also design it using the latest features.

Your site will work everywhere

Even on the MOON!

We design responsive sites, which means your website will work on every single device. Starting from laptops & PCs ending with cell phones and tablets!

Need help deciding or have questions?